The right (not) to vote

Should you be publicly shamed if you don’t vote?

A Nashville newspaper is publishing the names of people who didn’t vote in the 2004 presidential election.

“We have people over here who won’t go out and vote,” said Rosetta Miller-Perry, president and publisher of the Tennessee Tribune. “It’s ridiculous. It really hurts.”

But voting isn’t a requirement and when the Constitution granted the right of people to vote, it also granted them the right not to vote.

Still, the idea achieved the results Miller-Perry wanted when it was tried in a 2006 Senate race. Turnout almost doubled.

If you have any friends in Nashville, you might be interested in seeing if they’re on the list.

(h/t: David Brauer via Twitter)

  • bsimon

    They may have been quoting someone, but the gentlemen of Rush said it well when they said “If you choose not to decide / you still have made a choice.”

    Go vote anyway. It’ll make you feel big ‘n strong.

  • JohnnyZoom

    >>They may have been quoting someone

    Bertrand Russell?