Blogging Party: The Palin-Biden debate

You can read the live-blog about the debate by clicking the link in the window below.

We’re aware there was a capacity problem and some people were not able to get in to follow the live blog. We’re checking out this software and while it worked well for me in putting together the presentation, we probably won’t use it again if people are being turned away. So give us your feedback in the comments section, please.

  • Sorry to be the cynic, but no surprises at the debate. Everyone fulfilled their expecations, the bases will be happy, and the swing voters will remain undecisive.

    This is Obama’s race to lose at this point. Biden just needs to stay out of the way.

  • brian

    Palin debated better that I thought she would, but that isn’t saying much.

  • Vadskye

    The trouble is mainly that the pundits and the media won’t be pointing out how little relevance Palin’s answers had to the questions. They’ll focus on the talking points. The Obama-McCain debate showed that the media can be wrong, so the jury’s out on what the public thinks.

    also, on a somewhat less intellectual note…NUCULAR?! GAHH.

  • Heather

    Seriously! I was impressed that Biden refrained from correcting her pronunciation.

    I thought Palin was more fluid than in the Couric interviews, clearly, but she didn’t always answer the question, and often touched on the question then asked if she could talk about something else instead. Nucular weapons? Uhhh, can I say something about Afghanastan? C’mon. I also thought some of her “folkiness” came off as weirdly staged. Is it possible that she was in, like, Whiteface or something??? Oh, I’m such a Washington outsider!

    I also can’t stop thinking about what would happen if she actually went to DC. She’d be standing on the left on the Metro escalators, THAT’S for sure. And that’s not a good thing, because if you pay ANY attention to what’s happening around you, you can tell before stepping on that if you want to just stand, you need to do it on the right. The left is for walking up. Hmmmmmmm….

  • Heather

    Also, I wonder if she knows that Reagan didn’t think up the “City on a Hill” himself…

  • Vadskye

    Reposting some questions asked in the liveblog:

    Do you think the debate changed the race?

    Do you think you know the candidates better as individuals?

    The debate was supposed to be exciting, but it was actually rather sedate. Do you think it was a disappointment, and if so, how would that affect people’s opinions of it?

    Who was more accurate factually?

    Who had better body language, or otherwise communicated better on a surface level?

    Don’t try to answer them all at once.

  • Jeff

    If you’re going to do these live blogging events in the future, please have only 1 person on MPR’s end typing. It is nice you have producers around to help out, but having both Bob + Julia dueling it out and having constant injections of notes, rules, and reminders was way, way too much. I gave up following along very quickly as it was becoming painful.

    Get Bob and Julia in a room (or at least a means of communication other than the live blog) and have only Bob type. Please.

  • Harmony

    I do not think the debate changed the race. I came to this debate with doubts about Palin and I leave with confidence in Biden. Palin did better than her recent interviews suggested she would, but she did not do enough to remove my doubts about her competency to run the country if called upon.

  • Alison

    The problem with this debate was that after the Couric interviews, success for Palin was defined as ‘not reduced to a blubbering fool’. I sure hope people hold her to the same standards as Biden, Obama, and McCain. If any of them had spewed some of her nonsense they would have been challenged on it and crucified for being uninformed idiots.

  • Beryl K gullsgate

    The debate was in some ways a gotcha debate and with not a lot of credibility in Palin’s corner who essentially failed to answer questions directly and might as well have said to the moderator…”Never mind . I wanna talk about this other thing, you betcha”… not a quote but the spirit of the responses from Palin’s corner.

    The one issue , Israel, they seemed to agree on , with varied degrees of intensity. They failed there; both of them. I would say with emphasis, the debate dehumanized the issue and I wanted to ask…”And what of the Palestinian?”

  • Harmony

    I also had trouble signing in to the debate. It was at capacity for quite awhile before I could make it in. However, I really liked the way that it constantly updated with new comments.

  • Parker

    This debate was one of the more polite debates I’ve heard in twenty years of listening. Biden was on point and did quite well. Palin managed reasonably well for the first 2/3rds of the debate; however, she ended up repeating the same few points and began to ramble a bit. In the last 1/3rd of the debate, she really seemed to have less focused and repetitive answers. Biden had about 25 well-articulated points to Palin’s 5 key points. I suspect that the debate will have limited impact on voters who are currently leaning one way or another. Biden did really well, and Palin was able to hold her own.

  • Kristine

    I thought Biden did an excellent job. There had been some speculation that he would be dismissive of Palin but I thought he was attentive and respectful. He knew his issues and made good points. I did not notice factual errors. I also felt he was very likable.

    Although Palin did much better than she did in her earlier interviews, I had viewed some of her gubernatorial debates in Alaska so I knew she could preform. I thought the folksy remarks were silly and over the top. I want to see a woman run for office as a candidate, not as a caricature of a candidate. I always find it incredibly annoying when candidates do not answer the question and I felt that way tonight as well. I disagree with her stand on the issues, so it is hard to say if that is why she did not impress me but I found her lacking.

    I was glad to see that both candidates were able to look at each other. I was very offended that McCain would not even look at Obama during their first debate. Hopefully that will not be repeated next time

  • Kathryn

    Yes, I think I know Sarah Palin better–she’s more of a steam roller than I thought…She won’t answer the questions asked of her because she wants to stick to her own agenda–and she’s accusing Congress of double talk??? Where’s the straight answer there??…after 5 weeks on the national political scene she thinks she would run a Palin White House differently than McCain with his years of experience???…she thinks running a nation is no different from running her family…and more. She and McCain both have shown the old power structure tendency to stonewall.

    But what I most objected to was her claim to having a diverse circle of friends and of “welcoming all people.” Her record of ignoring native Alaskans in appointments, and attempting to have people fired is neither “tolerance” nor conducive to leadership in global times. Yes, I got to know Sarah Palin better during the debate and it affirmed my decision not to vote for the McCain Palin ticket.

    My thanks to NPR for the caliber of their post-debate commentary, especially while the networks were wasting the public’s time with the spin doctors.

  • I am in South Africa and find the election stories and post-debate commentary coming from the USA to be fascinating. These guys sure have stamina! Although, because of the distance, I don’t have insight into the finer nuances, I enjoy following the race. The debates are really interesting. Of course, we never have it to this extent locally. I was amazed to read that somebody like McCain doesn’t know that it is crucial to look at his opponent.

  • Gwen Ifel made it apparent from the start who she was supporting. When Sarah was answering a question and time was running out she said (TIMES UP DEAR). This is what the LIBERAL media elite is like. They always talk down to anyone who has a different view than they do. As for Sarah she did fine in the debate. If you listened to the liberal media leading up to this debate, the election was over and the LIBS didn’t want Sarah to go on stage and embarrass the world. When this is all over and SARAH is VP maybe Gwen’s book may even sale. I for one am sending one to MY LIBERAL MOTHER!!

  • MR

    Keith, it’s funny that you saw Ifill as supporting Biden. I saw her as ignoring the fact that Palin refused to answer the questions posed to her, and never pressing Palin on that.

  • Jim!!!

    To quote a friend,”Palin exceeded our lowest expectations”.

  • JD

    I completely agree with MR. I wonder at what point the McCain-Palin campaign is going to stop whining about media bias. It’s gotten very old.

  • Barbara

    Did no one else notice that whenever Palin didn’t like the question, she talked about her qualifications? And did she not understand what an Achilles heel is?

  • Susan WB

    I thought that Palin did alright–better than I had expected, though that isn’t saying much after I saw her earlier interviews. She has a certain appeal, but I disliked that she just plain ignored the question put to her on several occasions. Sure I know that is all too typical with politicians, and Biden did it a couple times too, but it was more obvious with Palin. She’s obviously less practiced on the big stage answering tough questions.

    Biden, on the other hand, did an excellent job. His pitfall would have been to seem patronizing. No one likes a know-it-all, and he could have been that guy. But he wasn’t. He was smart and articulate and knowledgable, but still likeable and respectful towards his opponent.

    On that note, I thought that the repore or “chemistry” between these two was much better than between McCain and Obama. They both came off as genuinely open to listening to the other. Neither was mean or demeaning to the other, which was a nice change of pace.

  • sm

    Palin did fine, for a parrot. This woman cannot talk coherently even with extreme coaching. She struck me as a high school student in debate class, but worse because she didn’t answer the questions.

    Biden, on the other hand, spoke to the questions and could formulate complete thoughts. He seemed capable of the presidency, much less the vice-presidency.

    When are the “3am call” ads coming out about Palin? Maybe these are being held in reserve for the final coup de grace.

  • momkat

    I tried to follow both the liveblog and the debate but couldn’t keep up. I think Jeff pointed out the problem of too many reminders to read through. Or else I can’t multitask very well.

    Pallin didn’t break down into total gibberish as I expected but managed to be irritating anyway. My general tactiturn husband said after almost an hour, “she is starting to get really annoying.”

  • Joel

    My biggest cringe moment was when Biden let out that big sigh during a response from Palin. As expected though, Palin gave very little to no substance in her answers.

  • Joel

    Also, through out the majority of the debate Palin looked very uneasy.

  • Wow, Are americans really that isolated? do they not know whats really happening in the world. Why is it so difficult for you to see the truth. Why is it so easy to fool soo many americans via mass media marketing. Palin is dumb and was only picked to take the woman vote. is she that dumb herself to not know that. She wasnt picked because of what she’s accomplished. she was picked for VP because shes a WOMAN . How desperate is Macain. Why are Palin supporters so proud of Palin for her performance at the debate???? Are they proud because she didnt fumble or didnt make any major mistakes. She still lost the debate you know. Why do Palin’s supporters settle for less? Its like you live in your own world and you are all blinded (most of you) by things which are not true. Its all a bunch of really smart and media savy people promoting some really dumb candidates. yee ha mavericks…haha