The new citizenship test

As for the old citizenship test…

  • Alison

    Whew, I’m in. There a few tough ones in there. Now if only you had to pass this test to graduate from high school.

  • I though that new test is great ,and easy , and i wish i could passs next year.

  • should I even say what I got for a score, I’m in but close.

  • Joel

    By the skin o my teeth.

    Maybe that’s why Naturalized Citizens seem to have such a greater appreciation and love for this country than do many U.S. born citizens. They actually know the history of this country.

  • Jess

    I’m in with no problem.

  • Anna

    I managed to 11/15 – a “pass” – but would be teased mercilessly by a pal from Canada for the ones I missed (and should not have), that he knows backwards and forwards…like the World War I question…

  • bsimon

    In like Flynn. Missed the number of amendments, the freedom to run for office & the question on federalist paper authors.

  • Perfect score. Woohoo!

  • boB Sinclair

    13 out of 15? amendments and federalist papers. That said, I wonder how many high school or college age people would get this many?

    And of course these questions pop up as I think about this: Are these the only questions? Are there more? Should this be required for ALL citizens (and what rights does that intrude upon?)?

  • Bob Collins

    There are 100 questions from which 10 are pulled. The pool is pretty easy.

  • momkat

    11 of 15 (whew!). Love that Craig Ferguson!

  • brian


    I only knew the federalist papers’ authors because I had to read a paper about them in my stats class in college. Historians aren’t exactly sure who wrote them all, so they have used statistics to try to figure it out.

  • Mac Wilson

    14/15. The Federalist Papers one tripped me up.

  • can anybody tell me where i could get the rest of the questions, i will appercaite that.

    thank you

  • Bob Collins

    Yes, Abshir, you can find the questions here (pdf file).

    Good luck!

  • Anthony Lanzetta

    Confused Declaration author with Constitution author, and the federal papers messed me up.

    13 out of 15

  • Aaron

    15 out of 15. I don’t even read about this stuff. Gloat.