Tales from flyover country

A few stories today that escaped the attention of the Twin Cities media:

North Dakota State University is spending $8,000 just to shuttle students from and house students in 9 area hotels. There’s not enough room in the dorms. “I would trade in the hot tub, the pool, the laundry service if I could just have those days where maybe I wake up late and I could still get to class,” student Nick Revoir of Hammond, Wisc., said. (Fargo Forum – Registration required)

Dr. Allen Van Beek picked up the Sioux Award in Grand Forks last night. Beek was the doctor at North Memorial in Robbinsdale back in 1992 when North Dakota native John Thompson lost both of his arms in a farm accident. Thompson, now 35, made the trip from Minot, where he is now a real estate agent. “He got me to wear a suit. I hate wearing suits,” Thompson said. (Grand Forks Herald – Registration required)

In Park Rapids, Suzie Johnson and Kenny Barr have gotten married on at Deane Point on Fish Hook Lake. That’s where they won a fishing tournament last month.

Kenny’s boutonniere was a bass plug. Suzie boated in to the ceremony with her “wedding party.” (Park Rapids Enterprise)

The second-banana bridge. They blew up the last remaining pieces of the DeSoto bridge in St. Cloud yesterday. (St. Cloud Times)

A play is being read in Winona tonight. It’s the tale of Mat Wagner, elected mayor of the city during the Great Depression, and thrown out of office three weeks later. Two days before the election, he hatched a ploy to sell eggs to the children of the unemployed for a penny a dozen. It was declared a violation of election laws. (Winona Daily News)

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