Rainbow logic


I’m not much of a photographer, but even if I were, I have a rinky-dink camera that doesn’t take much of a picture. But if you live in the Twin Cities, the chances are pretty good you saw it: One of the most vibrant rainbows anyone has ever seen. It went from horizon to horizon (this picture was just outside the door of the world headquarters of News Cut).

No, there’s no pot of gold to be found. But, you know, the market had another bad day today, the economy is in complete shambles, and many of our workplaces and families are being (or about to be) decimated by layoffs.

What do you say that just for now, we believe that it really is a sign?

  • sm

    That was a great rainbow, even brighter against a dark grey sky. Nature is a parallel universe, mostly oblivious to the follies of the human universe. It’s nice to escape there periodically.

  • Minn Whaler

    Whatever one believes spiritually, I have yet to meet a person who hasn’t had at least one “unexplainable” event. Could be as simple as having a dream of an old friend you haven’t heard from in ages, followed by a phone call to you from said person. Or even hearing the phone ring and knowing who it is because you just thought of them.

    Or the small world stories:

    I was born in northern Vermont and my family moved to western Massachsetts just before I turned five. don’t know why but I remembered my Vermont address.

    Fast forward: I am a Senior at the College of Communications (part of Florida State University) in Tallahassee, FL. A group of us were invited to someone’s house… by the end of the evening we determined that the host was my older brother’s best friend in Vermont until we moved to MA.

    He lived right across the street from us and we all knew some of the same folks, because we used to visit the area as a family many years after we moved.

    Greater Spirit? Small World? Sign that you are where you are supposed to be? All subject to interpretation often limited by religious beliefs, but I believe all messages to be interpreted as signs.

    Signs of what??? Well I guess that would depend on where you were in your “state of mind” at the time, and if or what you prayed for…

    Rainbows always make me smile… not sure why, but that picture is wonderful.