Few allegations of plagiarism are as damning as this one, produced by researchers for Canada’s Liberal Party against Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper. According to a video posted on YouTube this week, a speech Harper made, urging Canadian involvement in the war on Iraq on the eve of the 2003 invasion had sections of it lifted from one made in Australia.

An official with the Liberal Party in Canada says the discovery was made while researchers were looking for “similarities” between Harper and President George Bush.

  • Mark Gisleson

    Interesting mystery, but the two-day difference strongly suggests something other than plagiarism. What sane politician would crib from something that fresh?

    No, what this suggests to me is that both conservative leaders were working from the same RNC talking points given to them by the Bush White House. It further suggests that both the Australian and Canadian leaders’ staffs were too lazy to rework the talking points, and inserted them straight up into their boss’s speech.

    The Liberal Party has found a smoking gun, but not plagiarism. What they’ve learned is that the conservative movement among Western leaders is far more tightly coordinated than anyone ever dreamt. Then again, the World Wide Plutocracy that owns the world conservative movement is a pretty tight group.