More on the hurricane dogs

Yesterday I wrote about the Hurricane Ike dogs that have arrived in Minnesota. I asked the people at the Humane Society for a few pictures and they’ve now arrived. At the risk of being accused of being the next Sally Struthers, here they are:




  • Alicia Gaskin

    Thank you for the reminder (and for posting these) that there are always furry victims needing our help during these acts of nature. Where can we send donations for these adorable survivors? I wish that I could re-home all three.

  • momkat

    Please, everyone, keep in mind, there are furry creatures needing our help every day at your local humane society shelters and animal rescue groups.

    The current economy is apparently causing more animals to be surrendered to shelters or “set free” and fewer adopters. Animals are backing up on adoption floors; more animals are put down because of lack of space and money to take care of them.

    Humane societies do not receive funding from any governmental group and rely on donations and the fees from taking in and adopting out animals.

    I could go on and on…..