Making hay with murder

A Minnesota businessman says he didn’t mean to take advantage of the deaths of the family of Jennifer Hudson to push his product. But it obviously has turned out that way. He sent out a news release the other day asking if his product could’ve saved Hudson’s family.

John Peters, of Browerville, Minn., population 734, said he got the idea while talking with some co-workers about the Hudson tragedy, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The end of the ad says the product is not intended for homes with children, which answers the odd question Peters asked in his news release. There was a 7-year-old in the home. So which is it?

(h/t: Tom Weber)

  • boB Sinclair

    This ad also begs the question about thieves getting into a home and using the gun on the homeowner. Or what about the possibility of the gun being stolen and used in the commission of a robbery or killing. What happens then?

  • momkat

    And what if you’re not in bed when the bad guy breaks into your home? Should not you wear a holster for your loaded guy? Or one of those chest straps to hold your loaded rifle. Sheesh, spare me from being that paranoid–it must be a hard way to live.