Gene Lourey

The metro media gave pretty short shrift to the death of Gene Lourey, whose death I wrote about yesterday.

His was a life story waiting to be told, and today the Duluth News Tribune (registration possibly required) told it. It’s as compelling a story as ever existed in Minnesota.

We newsies often think that the only stories are the big weighty world issue stories. Don’t get me wrong, they’re important. But people who raise a dozen kids, many of them adopted, become the “man behind the woman”, and prove that you can run a successful business, provide a living wage for your employees, and give back to your small town community, is big news, too.

When I put out calls here for you to tell me about the interesting people you know living their lives, and leaving a mark, guys like Gene Lourey are the kind of people I’m talking about. I’m kicking myself today for not telling the story when I had the chance.

Update 10/14 10:42 a.m. – I very much appreciate Chuck Haga dropping me a note from Grand Forks, letting me know of a piece he wrote in the Star Tribune in 2006 about Gene Lourey.

  • Thanks. Gene and Becky have always been there when needed, either for a child or the state or the nation. He’ll be missed terribly.

  • Western WI Rugger

    Thanks Bob. It’s people like the Lourey Family that make all our communities a better place to live. My thoughts go out to their whole family.

    City Pages did an extensive article on Senator Lourey in 2006 when she ran for Governor. If I could vote her she would have had my vote.

  • Bob Collins

    Re: Becky Lourey. Here’s her page from the 2006 campaign for governor. But what I’d like to call your attention to what I thought at the time — and what I still think — is one of the most compelling political speeches since I moved to Minnesota 16 years ago.

    It’s Lourey dropping out of the race for governor and insisting that “it’s time for a woman” in Minnesota politics. You can find it here, but it’s in the RealAudio format. Sorry about that.