End of an era

It’s the end of an era. Dale Connolly and Jim Ed Poole’s (Tom Keith) Morning Show on MPR is ending.

The two announced today the last show will air on December 11. “It’s part of the natural order of things,” Dale announced on the air this morning.

“I checked my driver’s license and found it was almost time to retire,” Jim Ed said. And so he will.

Dale said he’s “been offered the opportunity to find something else at MPR.”

  • Kath

    I love you guys and I’ll miss you. You were the only thing that got me up in the morning for my 8 AM classes at the U. I wouldn’t have graduated without you! I remember certain quotes from you from time to time and they always make me smile.

    I just wish my kids could continue to have you present in their mornings. Truly a unique show, full of kindness, humor and good music. Minnesota will be much the poorer for your absence.

  • david

    i feel stricken. no more Capt Billy? no more Larry Kyle? no more FInd Eric game? no more Mr Sports, Mr Action? say it ain’t so!

    and all the music i’ve been shown throughout the years – i owe so much of my CD collection to there guys – & i don’t know where any of us would hear any of this music – Moxy Fruvous, Greg Brown, Aaron Espe, 3 Mustaphas 3, Andrew Bird, the New Standards, Spaghetti Western – Tuvan throat sining! where would you go to hear Tuvan throat singing? how would you know about it otherwise? nowhere else offers this breadth & variety – not even the rest of 89.3’s programming.

    i hope they replace this with something similar, becuase i don’t need to hear more of the usual alt-rock programming offered on 89.3 – its become its own brand, and is as such getting stale. keep the variety, keep us guessing – we want the Morning SHow!

  • Anna

    I knew the fabulousness of the Morning Show – made possible by the chemistry of Dale and Jim Ed – would eventually have to come to an end, but I was kinda wishing and hoping for a few more years…a few more years to dedicate birthday songs to my daughter…a few more years to hear “Truckload of Art” and “Impressionists Two-Step”…a few more years for Cap’n Billy…a few more years to enjoy the community that has built up around the show…I’ll miss them all.

    I’ve been waking up to the gentleness and silliness that is the Morning Show since sometime back in the 80s (back before the days of “Incredible Betty” the manners superhero – who I still miss – way back, even, when I think they were broadcasting the radio play of “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” as part of the show), and it will be hard to get new habits going…I might even have to look at a clock now in the morning to keep myself on schedule (if I don’t have Jim Ed reading the sports at X time and weather at X time, how do I know what time it is?). As much as I like the rest of the 89.3 schedule, it’s not quite what I’m ready for at 7 am…guess I’ll just have to switch my clock radio to 99.5 on December 12.

  • Alanna in MI

    I remember every day in high school, while I was eating breakfast, the morning show would be playing on the radio. I knew when it was time to leave for school because the sports report would just be ending. Every day, I would mouth along with “…Mr. Sports, Mr. Action, Mr. Jim Ed Poole” haha. I still do, when listening at work on the Current. Dale Connolly and Jim Ed Poole aka Tom Keith, you will be sorely missed!

  • ed in golden valley

    I moved to Minnesota in August of 1983. Dale and Jim Ed were one of the very first charms I discovered in this state. All things have a time and a season. I wish you both the very best!

  • ken

    Like a lot of long time MPR listeners, I will miss the Morning Show, with Dale and Jim Ed. I especially remember the April Fool’s Day show they did in 1986, it was hilarious!!! I’m also disappointed that The Current is going to have a “more consistant sound” with a new morning show–in other words, more of the same. What’s wrong with ecletic?

  • Heather

    Oh, I will miss you. Who is going to play “Little Potato” after you’re done???

  • momkat

    This makes me so sad. I’ve been a Morning Show listener since Garrison was the co-host with Jim Ed. I sure hope Dale and his fine-tuned sense of humor stays with MPR.

  • Lesli

    I heard this on my way to work today and just couldn’t keep the tears from my eyes. From the day my carpool introduced me to the show in 1988, I switched cold turkey from the mind-numbing, IQ-sucking DJs spewing their morning nonsense and didn’t look back.

    I never laughed so hard as a few years back when the wits at TMS juxtaposed “With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm” and “Put Your Head On My Shoulder”. Their absurd and intelligent thought processes make it easier to face the day, and remind me over and over that someone out there gets me.

  • Ron Kuehn

    I’ll surely miss the MorningShow and the co-hosts, JimEd and Dale. (or is it Dale and JimEd) Good listen, good humor, clever remarks, witty comments, great parodies, subtle digs, and a great variety of music. Regarding the latter it did seem to me that the music selection suffered a little when TMS became associated with 89.3 the Current. Guess I was somewhat correct on that item as I read Dale’s comment on the subject of music selection. But, still pretty darn good and the easy going, easy listening, real and unpretentious hosts are (and soon to be “were”) one of a kind not found else where on the air waves. If there is any bright spot to this, other than a well earned retirement for one and hopefully a good continued career for the other, it is that I will no longer be trapped into hearing some of the awful, gutteral recorded garbage that seems to be a great part of the Current 89.3 airing.