Are viral videos for Democrats only?

On Wednesday on Future Tense, I talked to Brad Reed of NetworkWorld, who discussed how viral video is shaping the campaign of 2008.

The latest political video to go viral is this one, featuring Opie and Andy Taylor, and Richie Cunningham and the Fonze.

See more Ron Howard videos at Funny or Die

(h/t: Vox Politics)

One question I neglected to ask Reed, however: Where are all the Republican viral videos?

Viral Video Chart tracks what videos are spread across the Internet, usually embedded in blogs. Of the 20 most “viral” videos, only three could be considered anti-Obama. Two suggested youngs kids are being indoctrinated by Obama-loving adults.

A third video on the list is an installment in the “October Surprise” videos. Let’s say they go further than Michele Bachmann has.

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