What’s your favorite presidential debate moment?

I’m trying to remember if any debate moment is so burned into my consciousness as this one, even if it wasn’t a presidential debate:

Unless it’s this one…

… which wasn’t a presidential debate either. Many of these debate moments we laugh at. That one, however, was just plain sad for every reasonable person. Admiral James Stockdale, who was Ross Perot’s vice presidential pick, was the very definition of an American hero.

Some of the pundits have been pontificating this week that debates rarely swing presidential elections anymore. Is that true? You couldn’t tell by Mike Dukakis who botched his election with a goofy ride in a tank and a botched wonky answer:

For others interested in history, Belmont University, where a presidential debate will be held next month, has been put together a pretty interesting series of videos with behind-the-scenes glimpses of presidential debates.

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