What doesn’t Microsoft get?

What’s the difference between newspaper Web sites and the dead-trees version? The New York Times would never allow this on their dead trees version.


It’s a pretty funny bit, though, as most of the John Hodgman-Justin Long Mac ads are.

And the ads must be working because Microsoft has announced today that the Jerry Seinfeld – Bill Gates ads are being dropped in favor of a new campaign, featuring a John Hodgman look-alike.

I wonder what would happen if they turned the whole account over to the people who do political ads? Take a stab at it, post your version on Gather.com and I’ll dig out a swell News Cut prize.

  • Andy

    I think this is the problem with the Microsoft ads with Bill and Jerry – they serve no purpose. They’re ads about, well, nothing. An actual television show about nothing, now there’s an idea…. oh wait…..

  • mindtron

    the point of the seinfeld ads was just to serve as a teaser to the full campaign which has now launched.

    the whole point was to get people talking and more interested in what Microsoft might do next. re the mac vs. PC ads: they’ve gotten a little too smug for their own good and it’s probably time to move on.