Why don’t we hear stories of UFO sightings much anymore? Is it because fewer people see UFOs? Or is it because they’re just not very interesting anymore?

It’s an innocence lost, which is why it was encouraging to hear that the good people of Park Rapids — some of them anyway — saw a UFO over the weekend, according to the Park Rapids Enterprise.

The residents said it appeared as a bright yellow-orange ball that flitted briefly in the sky and seemed to become brighter as if someone had turned on a light switch. One woman said there appeared to be aircraft following or tracking it. She thought she saw a flaming tail emanating from it.

Reading a good UFO story was like seeing that restored Ford Falcon over the weekend. It was a fine trip down memory lane, even if it the darned thing turned out to be Jupiter.

  • An excellent thing to mention. UFO sightings went from being a sign from the Gods to aliens to dark military secrets to “I must be mistaken”. We’ve taken all of the sense of mystery out of life, it seems.

    I don’t mind a bit of cynicism, but it makes for a sterile and crappy way of life.

  • Well, I read this reliable news source called the Weekly World News. It is full of interesting tidbits about how the aliens are living among us, so maybe a probable theory might be we don’t see as many sightings because they are already here…

    I also heard Sarah Palin is one, hmmmm.

  • GregS

    Obviously Bob, you have not been watching The History Channel in the last year. They are obsessed with UFO’s and BigFoot (monster) sightings.

    Maybe the explanation for the lack of UFO interest in the MSM is the current obsession with Sarah Palin. Apparently obsessing about a woman from Alaska is attracting all the kooks.

  • Bob Collins

    No, I know there are shows about UFOs, but I’m talking about the old “phone call to Gus at the police station” brand of sightings, which the local rag would then run on the front page.

    There’s nothing wrong with this country that a good gaze at the sky in search of UFOs can’t cure, especially since it doesn’t cost anything… yet.

  • “History” Channel actually took time off from specials on Disaster Pr0n?

    I may tune in again!

  • Bonnie

    Oh newscut Bob…I think you should start an anonymous hotline at MPR just for people to report strange things in the sky! That would be a fun blog to monitor now and then. I think most people are afraid to be “labeled”…anything these days. Let alone be interviewed or hounded for reporting a UFO.

  • Mac Wilson

    I think this is an interesting corollary to the death/supernatural post last week.

    By their very definition, UFOs do exist: they are unidentified flying objects. In these cases, witnesses are seeing something. Now, “UFO” has come to automatically mean “flying saucer from outer space” in most people’s minds, which naturally leads to lessened credibility in UFO sightings, but I really do feel that UFO “sightings” are worth investigating. Either A.) they are naturalistic, terrestrial-based phenomena that can be explained scientifically, B.) extraterrestial phenomena, or C.) extreme instances of mass hallucination. All three instances would be worth investigating, so why are UFO sightings still dismissed so flippantly?

  • Actually, UFO sightings have not gone away at all. In fact, the number of reports per year is increasing. What has changed is that news organizations have decided that UFOs are not interesting anymore and have stopped reporting on them, with the exception of major cases such as the flap in Stephenville, Texas, earlier this year – it received national attention.

    I suppose that Greg S touched on this reason when he suggested media have become more interested in Sarah Palin. The “Obsession of the Week” (or year), perhaps!

    It’s also a matter of asking the right people or going to the right website. If I was of the opinion that church attendance was down across the country because I personally had stopped going on Sundays, instead of reporting that observation, I might ask church leaders themselves.

    If I wanted to know if UFOs were becoming scarce, I might go to a website such as: http://www.ufocenter.com, where people who see UFOs file their reports. The site can even be searched by State, so that all the Minnesota cases are at:


    There were dozens of cases in Minnesota this summer alone.

    And that’s just one source of UFO reports. There are many others.

    A better question might be: “Why don’t we hear about all the UFO sightings anymore?” or “Why haven’t UFOs gone away?”

  • i believe there are fewer reported ufo sightings in the media because more people are uploading thier footage to youtube or myspace and facebook.

    This give smore control for the witness and less scrutiny from the skeptical and/or news floor producer who doesn’t have the guts to air the raw ufo footage. It is not a factor of ufos being less interesting or not but merely a case of look in the right source or direction i.e. the internet especially. We are a highly camera toting society this day and age with the possiblilty of capturing amazing footage at any moment.


  • Melanie

    I am commenting on the first part of this…the woman who claimed to have seen a UFO and airplanes tracking it…I had that same experience tonight! I saw 4 lights in the sky around 9:00pm. They were just as the lady described them. They stood still for at least 10 minutes and had airplanes flying all around them. THe lights would disappear and then reappear. They were a VERY bright yellow/orange color. Talk about the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen in my life! I’ve always wanted to hope that UFO’s were real and I feel like I witnessed something amazing tonight. My father was standing right next to me as we watched these lights. I have a few pictures if anybody wants to see them. This all took place in Denver, CO.

  • tyler

    it was me u dumbasses… it was a chinese lantern that floated away from verndale!

  • Ed

    The reason there is not much said about UFOs around minnesota is the people it goes back being labeled and alot of them do not want to be known as that kook or “that” person i know this was maybe mentioned earlier sorry for the repeat but i live in southern minnesota and the people around really closed mined you mention one word about this stuff or anything weird your labeled on the spot as crazy. and i have seen a ufo when i was younger it hovered over the town and i am surprised that i did not hear anything about it i mean its not hard to see a yellow football shape light floating in the sky above the trees.