The week-in-review quiz

One of these days, we’ve got to upgrade the quiz so that we have a single winner. I’m sure All Things Considered host Tom Crann would agree to record a voicemail greeting for the winner. Or, perhaps, we should just use the honor system: Take the quiz, post your results, and if someone aces it, Tom will record your voicemail greeting. Of course, the way I’ve written the quiz this week, if you say you got them all right, you’re probably lying.

  • bigalmn

    Since it is Friday and Jeff Horwich will be giving Tom Crann a half an hour off, I would rather have Horwich create a custom little diddy for my machine. An In the Loop Loop for my answering machine Loop.

  • mary l.

    Second fiddle Hanna. 9 out of 15; it could have been better if I wasn’t too lazy to check the hints.

  • bobbydole


    I was confused by the democrat answer, so i picked it.

  • Minn Whaler

    10 out of 15.. I’m happy with that as I have been trying to avoid news for a couple weeks until the politicians settle into their race…

  • Al

    Call me Hanna. Pigs might not have lips, but I bet a good makeup artist could make it look like they do!

  • Elizabeth T.

    8 of 15.

    Well, since some were a total WAG … I was happy that there were actually some questions for which I actually knew the answer.

  • LK

    I decided to stop after I answered the first two questions correctly. My first perfect score!

  • Bob Collins

    What is this WAG of which you speak?

  • Anton

    9 out of 15. Not too bad I guess, but ….

    (and wag? wild-a… guess 😉

  • Anna

    Thanks for having the quiz back – I’ve missed it. Though I can’t say as I’ve done a stellar job…only 10/15.

  • Elizabeth T

    WAG – wild as* guess

    goes with SWAG – scientific wild as* guess