The tipping point

Here’s a new video that’s recently been uploaded explaining climate change and, more precisely, a recalculation of the “tippping point.”

Wake Up, Freak Out – then Get a Grip from Leo Murray on Vimeo.

The script is posted here. The author says the answer is to consume less, which is never going to happen, at least in my lifetime.

  • Minn Whaler

    Well, if this isn’t exactly the upbeat message I needed to start another workweek. Perhaps luckily for most of us, consumership will go down, not necessarily by choice, but due to the other parts of the world that seem to be collapsing. Bring back the clothesline!

  • A solution for global warming (really!)

    There is a clean, cheap, abundant, and portable energy source. Wind a solenoidal coil around a magnet, and apply electricity. The magnetic field is amplified, and the magnetic gradient can be exploited to yield more electricity than was used powering the solenoidal coil. This enables the construction of a solid state power generator.

    A private California company called Magnetic Power Inc ( ) exceeded breakeven (i.e. produced more electricity than it used) with a prototype in late 2004. Here is an abstract of their patent application:

    US Patent Application Publication No. US 2006/0163971 A1

    Solid State Electric Generator

    A solid-state electrical generator includes at least one permanent magnet, magnetically coupled to a ferromagnetic core provided with at least one hole penetrating its volume; the hole(s) and magnet(s) being placed such that the hole(s) penetrating the ferromagnetic core’s volume intercept flux from the permanent magnet(s) coupled into the ferromagnetic core. A first wire coil is wound around the ferromagnetic core for the purpose of moving the coupled permanent magnet flux within the ferromagnetic core. A second wire is routed through the hole(s) penetrating the volume of the ferromagnetic core, for the purpose of intercepting this moving magnetic flux, thereby inducing an output electromotive force along wire(s) passing through the hole(s) in the ferromagnetic core. The mechanical action of an electrical generator is thereby synthesized without use of moving parts.

    I strongly suggest you listen to the first 15 minutes of the radio interview with Chairman Goldes posted on the MPI website. Soon burning fossil fuel for energy will be obsolete, and replaced with a clean, cheap, abundant, and portable form of energy production.

  • Penny Gruber

    Brad, MPI are promoters of perpetual motion machines. They have for years claimed working over unity devices that they have never evidenced. MPI’s chairman: Mark Goldes admits that the patent application you cite does not disclose how to make a working generator. It is in fact just a badly designed transformer.