Minnesota delegate: The streets are unsafe

Several Minnesota delegates to the Republican National Convention apparently decided today the streets of St. Paul aren’t safe to walk on.

Some of the delegates, who are staying just down the street, took a private bus to the Xcel Energy Center today. According to a Twitter account by delegate Bethany Dorobiala, they didn’t think it was safe to walk the streets of St. Paul.

A protest by Code Pink broke out near the entrance to the security perimeter near Landmark Center around midafternoon.

This all comes as a more typical political convention vibe arrived in downtown St. Paul today. Maybe it’s because the star news anchors and their minions are back. More likely, it’s because the “characters” have arrived and are walking the dangerous streets of St. Paul.

The two people I most wanted to talk to today, weren’t talking. Their were chaplains for the St. Paul Police Department. They were going up to each officer asking how they were doing. They’re under orders, like the rest of the police, not to talk. And they insist they’re boring, anyway. But I’ll bet there’s a good story about the humanity surrounding the last couple of days there.

  • Minn Whaler

    I’ve always wanted a pony… Vermin for president huh? hmmmm… As for the scenes in Rice Park and other areas, I must say I preferred the International Children’s Festival to the show fo Pink vs. Force… and yet truly understand why the police presence has to be so horribly dominating.

    Like many.. I am so ready for this to be over.

  • Deb in St. Paul

    Afraid to walk the streets of St. Paul? That is just bunk. I was downtown today right near Rice Park and it was fine. Just what the heck they are afraid of?