Taking back the streets


… one credential at a time.

(h/t: St. Paul writer Erik Hare)

  • Thanks for the posting, Bob.

    I walked with this around my neck down West Seventh Street no Friday, past a few cops assigned the miserably boring task of overseeing the dismantling of concrete and barbed wire security. As I passed, I waved this at them.

    “Resident!” I said cheerfully, as if there was nothing more important that one could be.

    One cop laughed out loud, two others looked at me as if I was a lunatic. More accurately, they were sure I was a lunatic.

    But at least one of Saint Paul’s Finest got a laugh out of it, and that’s good enough. We’re back to being a quiet town where we can make our own fun, not relying on out-of-towners to amuse us.

    Frankly, I’m not sure I like their kind of games, anyway.


  • Bonnie

    And takin back our bandwidth!!! We had tech problems this week…diagnose included RNC wreaking havoc on the local wires. It feels good to get back to being Good Ole Saint Paul, and big time Minneapolis, the way we know and love them.