State of the blogosphere

Technorati is releasing “The State of the Blogosphere” in five installments this week. That’s how big the blogosphere is: The State of the Union can be summed up in 39 minutes. For the state of blogs… five days. There’s an obvious joke there if you’d care to make it.

Among the key findings: There’s a distinct difference between bloggers in the U.S. and overseas. Fifty-seven percent of the U.S. bloggers here are male, while 73% of overseas bloggers are male.

The majority of bloggers are 35 or over. Only 26% are single, and just over half are employed full-time.

Personal bloggers, however, tend to be male, between 18 and 34, and earn less than $75.000 a year.

Tomorrow the State of the blogosphere will look at the “hows and whys of blogging.”

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