Palin’s e-mail account hacked


Hackers say they’ve broken into Sarah Palin’s personal e-mail account. according to the blog, ARTVoice. Allegedly, someone with a group called “anonymous” posted the password to Palin’s Yahoo account ( on a bulletin board last night, “and a field day ensued,” the blog said.

Another member of the group said he changed the password to “avoid further damage.”

None of the e-mail was said to be very titillating. The Associated Press reported that the Secret Service asked it to turn over copies of the e-mail it had in its possession. The AP declined, the story said.

Last week, the New York Times reported Gov. Palin uses her personal e-mail account to conduct state business in Alaska to circumvent attempts to subpoenas for public records.

  • VP Palin

    Palin cannot even keep her email account save, but she is qualified to keep her country safe?

  • I do not believe that Palin’s inability to protect a personal yahoo email account indicates anything about her ability to protect the country. What worries me is the fact that a vice presidential candidate is conducting state business over such an account. Seems a bit amateur and, more importantly, reckless.

  • Minor correction… Anonymous isn’t really so much a group as it is an amorphous collective entity. The term is used to refer to the disparate actions of thousands of unassociated, yet like-minded, individuals as being perpetrated by a single, imaginary person named “Anonymous.”

    Anyway, Anonymous seems to have really dropped the ball here. The Anon who “cracked” Palin’s password (it was her zip code) was more interested in posting screen shots of her inbox as proof of the deed, rather than snoop through her correspondences for proof of improprieties. Too bad.

  • Jay

    It does concern me that public officials are becoming increasingly more ignorant of technology. Or maybe its that they are standing still while everyone else is advancing. Either way, I think even more Information Assurance (IA) training for government workers is needed. I think its already required to some degree for certain security clearances, but that program needs to be expanded.

  • Gina

    Throughout the entire primaries and the general election, the Obama campaign has played dirty politics. In addition to the never ending vitriol of the Obama bloggers on the internet, nearly every time I have posted a supportive blog for Hillary Clinton … and, then for McCain/Palin … my computer’s mailbox has been inundated with hundreds of pieces of email spam. Another example of under handed behavior by Obama’s henchmen, is that they have been organized to approach retirement homes, as volunteer community speakers … only to visit multiple times spewing lop sided pro-Obama, and negative McCain propaganda to elderly people, to get their votes in November. And, now we can see unprincipled politicians and bias media hacks using the race card … telling people ” if you don’t vote for Obama, you must be a racist”. Usually, when Americans uncover such despicable tactics, they can count on the mainstream media to expose it to the public … however, in this case, most of the mainstream media is in the tank for Obama … so, they either look the other way, or they make phony biased excuses to mischaracterize, and cover up what’s really happening.