Hitting the links

Five suggestions for the day in no particular order.

1) The iPod as teacher. Wouldn’t it be cool if the iPod ends up restoring the collective knowledge of history? A person can dream, which I will as I watch the first of several American Experience presentations on the presidents being made available for free download. Surely there’s something we can learn from Franklin Roosevelt. (h/t: Open culture)

2. The Twins have lost again to one of the worst teams in the American League. They’re now 2 1/2 games out of first place. Do the odds favor us continuing to hope or should we just focus on preparing our hearts for the exodus of Marion Gaborik? Baseball Prospectus updates the “postseason odds” each day.

3) The second annual Notre Dame Energy Week begins today. “The 2008 Forum on Sustainable Energy invites us to take note of the issues; to review a variety of perspectives–from science, the Church, and the media; and to come to an understanding of our own individual accountability,” the school’s Web site says. Use the “footprint calendar,” which actually is from Berkley, which will never be confused with Notre Dame.

4) Real-life Tetris. An absolute time-waster. Thus, it’s value.

5) The Atlantic apologizes for using an undoctored image of John McCain. Well, sort of. It apologized for using the work of a photographer who sold them an undoctored image of John McCain, and then put doctored ones on her Web site. How can you learn to doctor images with light? Easy.

If you spot something interesting today, send it to me.

  • Michael Nelson

    What is the issue with The Atlantic cover? How was it doctored? Wait, this is the internet, I can find out for myself! Thanks for the links, Bob.

  • Bob Collins

    It wasn’t doctored.