Foiling pedophiles

A youth baseball league in Indiana has come up with a plan to “foil” pedophiles. It is banning the use of first names on the back of team jerseys. Apparently, this idea was deemed more efficient than just banning creepy-looking guys from watching baseball games.

“We didn’t want someone to come up and say, ‘Hi’ to Mary or Jimmy or Sally and the kids react thinking that they knew them,” said Dad’s Club President McGinley in Carmel, Indiana. “We don’t believe it’s an overreaction. Again, we took into consideration the safety of the youth and the way times are today.”

The plan will only work if it’s accompanied by a ban on using your son or daughter’s first name when cheering them on.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children says nearly 800,000 kids are abducted each year. In a 2002 study, about 58,000 kids were abducted by strangers.

  • Bob

    I think all the kids should play under pseudonyms; this would not only foil pedophiles, it would also reduce the impact of criticism from over-involved parents given to yelling and screaming at a player when he or she commits an error.