Boom states vs. bust states

Another hour, another grim piece of economic news. The number of jobless claims filed last week was the highest in 7 years.

I’m not exactly sure what the value of this map is but it’s interesting to look at nonetheless.

The Economic Policy Institute has a state-by-state map which displays unemployment trends in the country. One thing it does tell me is times are pretty darned good in the nation’s breadbasket. In fact, it appears to be positively “boom times” for our neighbors to the west.


  • bsimon

    Between high commodities prices for food crops like wheat & the boom in the extraction industries in the Dakotas, Montana & Wyoming, the employment numbers in those states shouldn’t be a surprise.

  • boB Sinclair

    It looks like the extraction industries are the ones to be in right now. Does anyone know how to run a excavator? This might bode well for the Iron Range yet.