Are you smarter than a blogger?

  • 3 out of 15. Considering where I get my news (you) I should brush up a bit…

    Just gotta say, my new answer for ” if you could choose any one to have dinner with, dead or alive, who would it be?” It would be you and Mary… a rollicking good time to listen to you two…

  • Only 4 out of 15. But I haven’t been drinking yet.

  • CaliGuy


    And you know that the box cutter would be included under the catch-all clause of the district policy, Bob. Shame shame.

  • Bonnie

    7 of 15 and I HAVE started drinking…it was quite a week.

  • Anna

    I managed 13 of 15 – but I’ll admit to a few hints.

  • Alison

    Never take the quiz when you get up too early due to insomnia. I wonder if that’s when bank leaders make their decsions?

  • LK



  • Josh Wurst

    poor poor poor 6 out of 15…

    I didn;t like the wording on the Twins ticket prices question

    “top seats” = most expensive or nosebleed!

    Keep it up. I read the blog several times a day.

  • Grace Kelly

    Is this a political blog or a baseball blog? Don’t we already pay a huge subsidy to baseball already without having to answer questions about catching baseballs? I like the idea of trivia quiz, I think the choices for your questions are poor.

  • Bob Collins

    Grace, I’m not sure why you listed the two options there. This is NOT a political blog. Nor is it a BASEBALL blog. It is a news blog (from my perspective of what’ s interesting). Fact is, the kid catching the balls was in the news.

    I’ll tell you what, though, I’m not opposed to having one of you readers submit 15 questions for a News Cut Quiz. I can tell you it, it’s REALLY hard to come up with 15 in a given week, especially since I try to limit things to one question per category (in other words, you can’t have 15 questions about Sarah Palin).

    Whatdaya say, Grace? You want to be next week’s quizmaster?