Yankee Stadium renamed Irony Field

The New York Yankees’ security forces, who earlier this summer banned sunscreen from the park (terrorist tool, you know), are at it again.

Fans in the stadium are not allowed the freedom to go to the bathroom while “God Bless America” is played in the 7th inning, according to Gothamist.

Donna Lieberman, Executive Director of the NYCLU, tells CBS 2 that “because they are enforcing a rule of that imposes political correctness through refusing to let somebody go to bathroom while a patriotic song is playing, that violates Constitutional rights.” But Michael C. Dorf, a constitutional law professor at Columbia Law School, disagrees; he told the Times last year that “it doesn’t violate the Constitution, because the Yankees are not the government. If they were a municipally owned team, you could have an issue because the team would be a state actor.

Since when do New Yorkers need a bathroom?

(H/T: Michael Wells)

  • Joel

    “it doesn’t violate the Constitution, because the Yankees are not the government.”

    So does this mean that they can’t stop anyone from actually using the bathroom?

    I suppose they could kick them out…nice

  • Todd

    Hey! Like baseball? Good. Got $300? Awesome, we do still have some nosebleed seats available. Oooh, sorry, you can’t bring in that sun block. Unfortunately in Yankee Stadium, you don’t have to right to protect yourself from skin cancer.

    Oh, but the cool part is, during the seventh inning stretch, we electrify your seat bottom, force you to your feet, then force you to pray to a god you might not believe in, and sing to a country led by government that routinely denies its citizens’ rights, sort of like us here at Yankee Stadium.

    Oh, and you get to watch sub-par baseball played by overpaid celebrities who don’t care about fundamentals, or the team, or the history of the game.