What’s your story?

I’m back from vacation (Oshkosh). It was a working person’s holiday as I spent much of the time talking to people with interesting stories to tell and then, ummm, telling them. Sound familiar? (I posted the stuff on my other blog).


Among the more fascinating people I met was Jack Beck and Marmy Clasen, and two of Jack’s kids — Jonathan and Peter. They live in Germantown, Wis.

Jack and Marmy were married back in 2004, and lost their jobs on the same day. Jack taught Hebrew and let’s just say Craig’s List is not full of people looking to hire professors of Hebrew. Marmy’s dad died not long after they lost their jobs. Jack had a dream to build his own airplane and, so, without jobs and a low “vibal” state, Marmy bought Jack the first “kit.” They’ll be flying their plane within a few years.

Why did they proceed on a journey without the usual guarantees and security many of us prefer? Because you only live once and some journeys you have to take on faith. Peter and Jonathan — both in their 20s — have gone abroad, working in orphanages and traveling in countries from here to Nepal. Why? Because sometimes you begin a journey with no assurances; you take some things on faith.

Jack wanted to tell me their story (which I’ll publish in a weekly newsletter I put out for airplane builders), but Marmy told him it’s a boring story. It’s not a boring story, and therein lies the #1 trait of people with interesting stories: they don’t think their stories are interesting to other people.

So as I get back up to post-vacation speed on News Cut, it’s time to ask you again for your story, even if you think your experiences are boring. Chances are, they’re not. Here’s the form. Tell me about your journey.

  • Alison

    This sounds a lot like Dick Gordon’s show. Good luck with it. It’s a great show with a great idea.

  • B2

    But…if we send stories its because we think they are interesting which means…they aren’t.

  • c

    Everyone has different interests. What one person finds interesting may be quite boring to another. For example, some of the readers really dig Bob’s Blogs on Gas Prices. They calculate, speculate and write. I find some of this boring-while others find it the coolest thing since the word “thongs” were no longer a term for sandels but underwear. I recently wrote an article in a local paper about a certain generation and to those who did not live it may have found it boring. But I did indeed have responses from those who did live during the period in the area and found it wonderful.

    Everyone has an opinion.

    write your story.