We love surveys

I admit it: I love surveys that are about… us.

Minnesota leads the nation in ACT scores? Great. We eat it up. Good job, kids. Take that, Wisconsin! How do you like us now, Iowa?

Less fascinating are the ones — the obviously inaccurate ones — that paint us in a less flattering light.

Forbes, for example, says fans of the Minnesota Twins are among the fairest of the fair-weather fans in Major League Baseball. We console ourselves with this injustice by reminding people that the same outfit named Kevin McHale the best general manager in all of sports.

Late today, came another blow to our Gopher-sized ego. Minnesota ranks 44th — 44th! — in the nation in fast Internet connections. The Minnesota average is 1.57 megabits per second. The U.S. average is 2.35. Japan is 63.60 megabits per second. A year ago, Minnesota ranked 26th. Wisconsin has passed us. Iowa has not.

The report comes from the Communications Workers of America, the union that stands to benefit, of course, should panic ensue over the situation.

  • Man. I got a really good result for that speed test, but… I want to move to Japan. Geez. 65126kbps!