The world by scooter

It’s not that I don’t love my job; I do. But I always marvel at the folks who undertake great expeditions without a care, apparently, for having to make a living at it. The various journeys to Antarctica and the North Pole from Minnesota explorers are a couple of examples.

Now there’s a third. Two guys are going to spend time riding a scooter from Minnesota to New York City– and back again. Why? To demonstrate the power of the scooter in the era of high-priced gasoline.

Says the ‘expedition’s’ Web site:

2007, Dustin Saunders moved to Minnesota to seek new opportunities. Once he settled in, the love for his scooter he left in Utah was too much to bear. Dustin then traveled with his friends to Utah to pick it up, and drive the scooter back to Minnesota.

Scooter Quest was originally meant for family and friends to check to see how progress was going as the crew made it back from Utah, to Minnesota. Now, in 2008, Sean, Dustin, and Michael will take their scooters and venture across parts of the United States on an epic adventure of traveling, exploration and fun. The adventure begins on August 23rd, 2008 from Minneapolis, MN ending in New York, NY with checkpoints in Chicago, Indianapolis, and Philadelphia along the way.

Check out their Web site and their plans to stay connected during their journey. They leave in a couple of days.

(h/t: Laura Yuen)