The kid sings the blues


In Wisconsin, an underaged person can be served — and drink — alcohol, as long as it’s OK with the parents who are with the kid. But don’t try playing a guitar. Insert your own Wisconsin joke here.

But it’s not a laughing matter for Tallan “The T-Man” Latz. He’s 8 years old and apparently a heck of a blues player.

But the state of Wisconsin is threatening action if he keeps trying to play in the state’s bars and taverns, the Associated Press reports.

An anonymous e-mail sent to state officials complained that Tallan was too young to perform in taverns and nightclubs because of state child labor laws. His booking agent even got an anonymous letter threatening her with death if she keeps booking him.

When Tallan’s father read him the state’s letter saying he couldn’t play clubs anymore (he can still play festivals), the boy’s response — like his music — seemed beyond his years.

“He goes, ‘It’s not how many times you get knocked down but it’s how many times you get back up and go forward,’ Carl Latz said his son told him. “And I told him that’s exactly what this is all about and if nothing else this letter just taught you a life lesson.”

Tallan was apparently turned in by another blues guitarist who was tired of losing gigs to a kid. Drink up, kid. The show’s over.

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