The CNN Grill


Famed St. Paul blogger, photographer, and Realtor Teresa Boardman was kind enough to send along this photo of the former Eagle St. Grille, which has been bought for the week by CNN for its CNN Grill. For the week, this spot becomes the place everyone tries to get into, since — apparently — it validates them as the powerful people (in the eyes of CNN) they want to be.

Next week, you can get in for half-angst.

In Denver, CNN couldn’t possibly have asked for a better location: Inside the security perimeter of Pepsi Center, and right next to the long line waiting to get inside.

On Friday, the morning after the convention ended, workers were already repainting a bright red iron fence from its CNN-red to whatever-the-name-of-the-joint-was olive. (It is actually a restaurant called Brooklyn’s)


(h/t: John Nicholson)

  • Minn whaler

    Looks like an incredibly popular spot. glad I am not there fighting for a seat. I would have to take out at least one umbrella.