Take two


I hope you enjoyed the News Cut material from Denver. I’m on my way to see if there’s any News Cut material from Wichita, and then back to the Twin Cities to start over again (tomorrow?) with the Republican National Convention.

At the end of a national political convention, the big question is always the same: I wonder what happened this week in the real world?

That giant sucking sound you hear is the deflating of the local media’s balloon. Sen. McCain didn’t pick the Minnesota Guy, and we all lost a good news angle for the week. We’re back to chronicling the minute-by-minute thoughts of delegate from Big Lake or Sleepy Eye.

In Denver today, the mayor is — and justifiably so — ebullient in his praise for the people of his city. Side note: Those free bikes that were provided during the week were ridden 4,500 miles. He says that’s indicative that delegates and visitors were “getting out and visiting the city.”

That’ll be an interesting thing to track in the Twin Cities: How far outside Minneapolis and St. Paul proper the convention’s promised benefits will extend.

Total number of people arrested this week: 152. Can the Twin Cities beat that?

Another question: How do you intend to participate in a national convention in the Twin Cities? As a protester? A volunteer? A visitor? What are you most interested in seeing? Bring your camera, and send me your pictures and your commentary as the week unfolds.

(Above: A News Cut Wordle based on 39 posts from Denver)

  • Joel

    I’ve heard estimates that approx 800 will be arrested during the RNC