Sun Country’s concert in the sky

There are days when Sun Country Airlines seems like the Saint Paul Saints to Northwest’s Minnesota Twins. Trying harder and putting up a different vibe. A news release from the company suggests this is one of those days.

Sun Country is promoting its Minnesota Music Campaign, which features Minnesota artists on its in-flight entertainment. So tomorrow, it’s holding what it bills as the first “concert in the sky.”

Lorie Line will open the concert with a performance at the Humphrey Terminal, and Dan Wilson of Semisonic, Tim Mahoney, and George Faber will perform onboard the flight. Upon landing, an additional Minnesota band will be performing in the Humphrey Terminal. The Airline will host the ‘Concert in the Sky’ on a specially-scheduled Sun Country flight. Following the concert, there will be an after-party at Fletcher’s Wharf at the Humphrey Terminal featuring the Maeflies.

But where will the flight be going? “The flight will tour around Minnesota for a total of approximately 2 hours – take off and landing will be at MSP only,” Heidi Bausch, the airline’s marketing coordinator said in a follow-up e-mail. Presumably, the flight will be packed with media.

For the record, I flew up to Madeline Island yesterday and my wife sang to me at points along the way — not well, but she sang. I’m pretty sure that constituted a “concert in the sky.” She was born in Vermont, however, so that may negate the historical aspect we were hoping for.