Stale beer

Every time you turn around, it seems, there’s another story about how easy it is to “play” the media.

Here’s one circulating today: The return of Schlitz beer. MSNBC, featuring an AP story, bit on the obvious press release-fertilized story this week.

Schlitz’ owner, Pabst Brewing Co., is recreating the old formula, using notes and interviews with old brew masters to concoct the pilsner again. The maker of another nostalgic favorite, Pabst Blue Ribbon, it hopes baby boomers will reach for the drink of their youth, otherwise known as “The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous.” They also want to create a following among younger drinkers who want to know what grandma and grandpa drank.

Swell story. Bad beer.

It’s also stale as the ad industry newsletter Advertising Age points out. The Schlitz folks tried the same thing in 2006.

It didn’t work.

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