Delegate profile: Sam Scott

(Another in a series of profiles of Minnesota delegates to the national political conventions)


Name: Sam Scott

Age: 25

City: Andover, Minn. Originally from Foley, Minn.

Political affiliation: Democrat

Pledged to: Barack Obama

Occupation: Student at the University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Business. Intern in a financial services firm. Veteran, Army Reserved. Served in Mosul, Iraq.

His political roots: “Growing up, I’d never been that interested in politics. I went to Iraq, I spent a year in Mosul. When I came back I wanted to be engaged in my civic duties, seeing as how it was in Iraq. I realized that individuals can make a difference. I was involved working with the provincial governor in Iraq and I thought the best way to do this was to get involved in the primaries. (listen – mp3)

How he became a delegate: DFL separates delegate candidates to men and women.” I had to go up against 15 delegates (at the district convention), but my experience being a veteran helped my cause. At the state convention, there were 16 individuals who wanted to be a national delegate. I thought at first there’d be no way. People were campaigning for weeks sending out letters and buttons. I didn’t know how involved people get and how passionate they get. I had no frills. I figured I might as well give it a shot. We gave 1-minute speeches and I was amazed at how well I was received, being a veteran. I was the only candidate for national delegate that received a standing ovation. I received a 2-to-1 margin for getting the top spot for national delegate.” (listen – mp3)

What he’s looking forward to most in Denver: “I’m looking forward to the experienc eof getting involved and having my voice be heard and known nationally to break the stereotype of military members voting one direction and one direction only.”

“I go to my military unit and they ask me why I’m a Democrat. The military gets mischaracterized as being right-leaning. A lot of my peers are liberal. I was always a Democrat or a liberal. What the Iraq war did for me was to inspire me to become more involved in politics. When I was in Iraq, my specific job was to influence people and get them to vote.” (listen – mp3)

Getting to Denver: “I had no idea what I would be responsible for, financially. I learned that quickly that I’d be supporting my own lodging and travel. I’ve been fortunate to have family members who live in Denver, so I’ll be staying with them. if they didn’t live there, I wouldn’t have been able to put my name in the hat to be a delegate because I don’t have the means. (listen-mp3)

Top item on his bucket list: I’d like to get my four-year degree completed. It’s been hindered by our engagements around the world. I’m going to the Carlson School at the University of Minnesota. I’ve been going to school since 2001. I started in engineering but when I came home from Iraq, I knew myself a lot better and transferred into finance.

Interests: I try to get out as often as I can. I went to a friend’s cabin and did some fishing this weekend. Life is so busy right now. I work 40 hours a week and go to school fulltime.

What he’s reading: Curently reading both The Odyssey and The Iliad by Homer. “I find it very relaxing. I’m still unwinding from being in a war zone.”

Favorite movie: The Lord of the Rings — The Trilogy. “However, the new Batman movie is pretty sweet.”

Favorite music: “I’ve been listening to some Bob Marley lately. I don’t own an iPod, but I have a Marley CD in my car now.”

Most influential person he’s met: Gen. David Petraeus. “He re-enlisted me when I was in Iraq in 2007. I had a small conversation with him. He’s very personable. I only met him for about 20 minutes, but he’s been very inspirational to me.”

Listen to the complete interview (mp3).

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