Olympic fakery – Part II

On the heels of the revelation that China faked the giant footsteps fireworks for its TV and stadium audience (Good interview with NPR media critic here), comes word of another bit of showbiz.

The Mail Online reports that the cute girl who sang the national anthem was a phony, too. She lip-synced — not uncommon for a major performance, one supposes — the anthem, but not because she couldn’t sing, but because the girl with the actual voice wasn’t pretty enough.

The Web site reports the kid who didn’t sing is now a big star.

A new Olympic-watching past-time: Calculating whether Michael Phelps will win more gold medals than the number of instances of China faking something.

  • Jessica

    I knew the girl singing the anthem was lip-syncing! Scandalous! 🙂

  • Bob Collins

    But did you know it wasn’t her voice? The scandal wasn’t that she lip sync’d. The scandal was China has a thing against kids with crooked teeth.

  • Heather

    I feel sad for those little girls. They BOTH got told they weren’t good enough.

  • brian

    I think it is amazing that the decision was made by members of the politburo. Wouldn’t you think they would have more important things to worry about?