News Cut on mobile phone

news_cut_mobile.jpg Watching a person texting while driving on the way in to work this morning reminds me that I’m supposed to tell you that News Cut is now available on your mobile phone. It’s only coincidence — trust me on this — that this breaking news comes at a time when I’ve been considering getting rid of my cell phone and going back to the old days.

Here’s an information page on it. Let me know how it works for you.

  • I’m with you on going back to the old days. It took me quite some time to give in to the cell phone phenomenon in the first place, and I don’t tink it would take much for me to revert back to a land line.

  • B2

    All of the people who call me (except businesses) do not have a land-line and so don’t think of calling one. I got rid of mine when switching to high-speed internet service. The only calls coming by land were telemarketers. I would never go back. (Wait, my son who is temporarily living in Seattle, had to get a land line because the cell signal is non-existent at his house – he communicates with friends who have it by internet camera phone).