Media stars bug out

Another star anchor has ended his one-day love affair with the Twin Cities.


Jim Lehrer (shown here in Denver) has left St. Paul and returned to Washington “to focus on covering Hurricane Gustav from there. We have a team heading to Louisiana,” an email from the NewsHour folks reveals. (BTW, if you want to see what good guys the PBS/NewsHour guys are, see Jason DeRusha’s blog)

We’ve lost PBS.

At last check, we still have Jon Stewart.

More cancellations and changes:

  • The Connecticut delegation has canceled its riverboat cruise Monday on the Mississippi on Monday and will instead engage in some undetermined activity to help the victims of Gustav. The sad part? Connecticut — along with South Dakota and Puerto Rico — are housed farther away than any delegation: Maple Grove.
  • The “Political Chicks a Go Go” fundraiser on Monday is now called “RightNOW! Relief for the Gulf Coast.”
    • Jon Stewart on Tuesday is one of the few things I have credentials for this week. Someone’s gotta keep the economy rolling in Saint Paul — it might as well be Comedy Central.