Inside the “X”

The Republican National Convention people have released the latest weekly time-lapse video of the transformation of the Xcel Energy Center into the RNC convention palace.

The thing is: It doesn’t look like all that much has changed. Such is the joy of removing one seat at a time. Work seems to be concentrated on the main stage.

Outside the Xcel Center, however, fences have gone up on some of the parking lots that the Republicans have taken over. They’ll mostly house temporary trailers that serve as offices and production facilities for the big-media companies.

Meanwhile, out in Denver, officials started taking reservations this week for a public tour of the Pepsi Center on the Friday before the convention opens. The reservation list filled up in one day, the Denver Post reports.

The Democrats have also provided a YouTube update on the construction process.

MPR is sending a ton of people to Denver (and of course to St. Paul). News Cut will provide some behind-the-scenes slideshows from both. And as befits the nature of this space, I have no idea what stories I’ll find at each convention, but they’ll likely be from off the beaten path.

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