How we get our jollies

No doubt, it’s all just coincidence, but two prominent news stories in the local paper this morning prove unnerving on two fronts.

At a state operated home for military veterans in Hastings, a 44-year old man is charged with continually stomping on the head of a man.There was no arguing heard ahead of time and there was no apparent reason for the incident. The victim may die. (Read the complaint here)

ufc.jpgMeanwhile, the Star Tribune today has the second in its three-part series on the popularity of Ultimate Fighting, posting its second picture in two days of Brock Lesnar, who for some reason needed to go to the University of Minnesota to learn how to make a living out of beating somebody for no apparent reason. The UFC holds its first event in Minnesota Saturday.

  • b2

    umm..”repeatedly” perhaps, not “continually”. I hope the state home didn’t allow it to happen all the time although more than once during a single event!

    My chiropractor (and personal trainer) is an Extreme Martial Arts competitor. Some people seem to need to do that and it seems to me like a good idea for them to do it to each other rather than us! I don’t think watching them makes spectators more violent either, although there may be imitators. The wannabes get their kicks without the bruises.