How to be a political convention volunteer

I know a lot of you in the Twin Cities are planning to volunteer during the Republican National Convention. You’ve probably had some sort of training, but perhaps you’re still unsure just how you’re supposed to act.

The News Cut School of Political Convention Volunteering is now in session. Everyone quiet down, we have a special guest with us today.

Jim Felder of Yellow Springs, Ohio was spending last winter in South Carolina when he saw Barack Obama speak at his alma mater. “We should try to go to the convention,” he said to his wife. “We should go as volunteers.”

So they drove to Denver from Ohio this week and stopped at a volunteer center. He was assigned the task of going out on the street, handing out maps of the city and being nice to people.

He’s good at it.

And you can be, too. Just watch this:

Remember: This course is pass-fail. The final is next week.

Class dismissed.

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