First look at Invesco


MPR’s John Nicholson has just sent along the first peek at things inside Invesco Field, where Barack Obama will give his speech on Thursday.

Today, it was revealed that Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen will perform there prior to the speech.

I notice that “The Rising” has been taken as the Obama campaign theme song.

More pictures:



Meanwhile, back at Pepsi Center, the delegates are starting to stream in for their evening of work which will include… well… I don’t really know. But Michelle Obama is going to speak (and maybe Ted Kennedy too) and news stories around the world will report tomorrow that they liked them.


Hat tip to Michael DeMark of the MPR Operations Department for sending that picture along.

  • Bob Moffitt

    They could save money if they could just add longer “donkey ears” tio the Broncos logo in the upper deck.

  • Cheryl Collins

    Hi Bob,

    You are there!! and we are here!! Anyways if you see the group “Crooked Still” playing the bass player, Corey DiMario, is Willie’s son-in- law. I think they are playing tonight at an Obama party in Denver but I don’t know where. It would be an interesting band to interview. The banjo player has his doctorate from MIT and has played for Springstein. So check it out. later, Cheryl