Electorate Fetus?

Continuing our look at interesting things that will be happening away from the Xcel Center during the Republican National Convention.

The Electric Fetus sends a news release today:

Staging a Movement: A variety of bands will be playing special in-store performances to support The Electorate Fetus Political Happy Hour events. The shows will take place Tuesday through Thursday and the lineup will be announced soon.

Sound(off) Check: The Fetus is offering an open mic to anyone interested – including the candidates, who have been invited – in discussing the importance of voting. The forums will take place between band sets. Political candidates or their representatives will have microphone priority and certain restrictions apply (obviously). Bring your guitar, a beat, or just yourself and be heard.

(Bob notes: There are at least three open mic locations that I’m aware of during the convention, I’ll be anxious to stop by each of them and find out if there are voices that particularly worth hearing.)

Rocking Refreshments: The Fetus will be offering cookies and juice to anyone who stops by to take part in The Electorate Fetus events.

Political Records: During the three-day span, the Fetus will be naming 10 important political albums of all time and will feature them 20 percent off, with a portion of each sale going to support the Rock the Vote movement. The 10 albums will be announced this week and will be available for sale both online and in the store.

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