Educating the visitors

You don’t have to actually go in to the Twin Cities to follow the experiences of delegates and visitors. Many of them are blogging the convention.

It’s an entertaining way to find out what they think about us and our state.

Here’s one today from a delegate from Virginia, who is also the chief of state staff to that state’s governor.

Events include everything from a fashion show supporting the Komen cancer foundation to a jazz luncheon with Pat Boone to a concert with Five for Fighting to a cruise on the Mississippi River (I didn’t know it went to Minnesota either) to a meet and greet with Minnesota Viking Adrian Peterson to a reception at Nye’s Polannaise Room, which was recently voted the best bar in America (Yes, I will definitely attend that one). This is in addition to the dozens of events hosted by and for Republican officials and dignitaries.

(Forehead slap)

Minnesotans, you’ve got some serious work to do this week educating our visitors.

Or perhaps not, as this blogger from Tennessee has accurately assessed our Minnesota niceness:

Everything is very green, the air remarkably clean and fresh, and lakes and rivers seem to be ubiquitous. I’m not sure if it’s just the RNC being here this week or if this is commonplace, but the level of hospitality that we have experienced thus far rivals Southern hospitality. I’m not sure if I can give a higher compliment than that.

As long as we can keep him from experiencing the art of merging on Minnesota highways, we should be OK with this one.

  • OMG. LOL.

  • Elizabeth T.

    Some visitors stopped by a coffee shop near my home. Chatting with them, the Chicago natives said they had heard about the whole “Minnesota nice”. Odd – I’d never heard of it in Michigan, before moving here. But they were pleased with the welcome they’re received. Of course, they were rabid anti-Republicans & my neighborhood is horribly cluttered with DFL and Green lawn signs …