Denver Diaries: The cyanide guy

What was a man from Canada doing in a Denver hotel room with a pound of cyanide? As the Democratic National Convention opens, nobody seems to have a clue and the story has been reduced to a few paragraphs buried in the papers.

Saleman Abdirahman Dirie, 29, of Ottawa, Canada, was found dead about two weeks ago. The local coroner ruled that he committed suicide. Family members said Dirie had schizophrenia, which may have led to his suicide.

The Somali Justice Center in St. Paul cautioned people not to jump to the conclusion that people had already jumped to.

“We’re done with the investigation now that we’ve got the coroner’s results,” said Det. Sharon Hahn. But she would not release any of the details of the finding.

  • Minn Whaler

    I am trying to take off the rose colored glasses, but I truly wish “the media” as definitive as “they” would try to balance atrocities committed by the diagnosed “mentally ill” with the incredible contributions most of them make to society. IOW,

    the diagnosis should not equal violence. The untreated diagnosis might. As I was taught in journalism 101 (yes that’s as far as I got) if you are going to mention race, ethnicity, etc., make sure it is pertinent to the story.

    This man’s mental illness may or may not fit that category since his family maintains he was on his meds (assuming he took them and they were working) his dx is irrelevent. If he wasn’t or they weren’t working than it is.. Simple…huh?