Denver Diaries: Reporter Romney


Being a “credential challenged” member of the media (the DNC insisted it couldn’t give arena credentials to all the media), I was intrigued by the above photo, which appeared this morning on the front page of the Denver Post.

Let’s look closer…


Oh really, governor? Press? You couldn’t get your own credential? And who was the very important member of the media who gave up his/her access for you?

I’m betting I’ll be posting more stories today than Mitt Romney. From outside Pepsi Center, of course.

  • JohnnyZoom

    Interesting. My first knee jerk reaction to this?

    George Allen.

  • Chad

    You really expect the DNC to allow the potential VP pick for the opposition to come crashing in on their parade?

    I’m actually surprised he was able to get it. From the Youtube shots I’ve seen, I’m pretty sure that it was CBS that gave up the credential. There was a good interview with the Gov. with Katie Couric.