Denver Diaries: Confrontations on cue

I was standing on a corner in Denver Monday afternoon when a confrontation headed toward me. Or it sounded like a confrontation. It turned out to be one guy with a very loud voice playing to the cameras as he berated Michele Malkin.

This is her in the front, trying to make a dignified getaway from the horde. She’s a conservative blogger and Fox News commentator.


She was followed by 10-20 YouTubers and this guy…


… who had a remarkable ability to appear to be on the verge of physical assault and repeatedly give the full URL of his Web site.

She disappeared, he calmed down on cue and the throng disappeared.

A newspaper story from Ft. Collins documented it for history.

… Today it was radical Alex Jones, from the group 9/11 Truth, which believes that the September 11 terrorist attacks were planned by the U.S. government, verbally confronting Michelle Malkin, a conservative columnist and Fox News contributor.

“You support torture. Shame on you, you fascist piece of trash,” Jones yelled. He also accused Malkin of supporting the U.S. Marines when they drown puppies.

Malkin found an ally in Recreate 68’s Sanchez, who pushed his way into the crowd of TV cameras to yell at Jones: “Michelle Malkin is a true patriot!”

Sanchez later said he had no idea why Jones was attending the protest and added that Recreate 68 does not support Jones’ ideas. He added that although they strongly disagree with her views, Recreate 68 supports Malkin’s right to free speech.

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