Denver Diaries: A day at Invesco

MPR’s information technology expert John Nicholson provides today’s construction update from Invesco Field:


And engaged in a little star gazing while he was at it, capturing Anderson Cooper with who we believe to be Ratt.


Here, Cooper appears to be asking for a ride back to his hotel.


I don’t really know who Ratt is, but, John, if you want to hang out there for a few days until Bruce Springsteen shows up, that’d be OK with me.

Holding the final night of the convention at Invesco Field is a big gamble, the Wall Street Journal reported today. There’s so much money being poured into this that a rainstorm could ruin the entire convention for the Obama campaign.

However, the forecast says after some thunderstorms this afternoon, the hot weather will disappear and a cool front — I’ll defer to the Colorado people to tell me what constitutes cool in August in Colorado — will settle in for the week and provide a more desirable backdrop on Thursday.

Update 1:55 p.m. MT – Colleague Steve Mullis says (in the comments section) these are the cast of The Daily Show, and — in fact — now that he mentions it, even I recognize Rob Riggle, the one guy remaining besides Jon Stewart and John Hodgman who still makes me laugh.

Nicholson provides a better photo:


Now I’m worried about Ratt? Where’s Ratt?

  • I’m not sure who the guy on the left is, but the other three are Rob Riggle, Aasif Mandvi and Larry Wilmore of ‘The Daily Show.’

  • Max

    Steve M, the guy is orange is Wyatt Cenac, the newest Daily Show correspondent.

    These pictures are great- thanks for sharing, Bob!

  • Bob Collins

    I miss Ed Helms.

  • Magdolene Lives

    If only Jon, Rob, and the Hodge get a laugh out of you, you haven’t been watching enough. ;^)

    Awesome photos: thanks.