Delegate profile: Bethany Dorobiala

Another in a continuing series of profiles of Minnesota delegates to the national political conventions.


Name: Bethany Dorobiala

Party: Republican (Alternate delegate)

Hometown: Woodbury (Now living in Burnsville)

Representing: 6th District

Age: 21 (Youngest in the Minnesota delegation)

Occupation: Student (political science) at the University of Minnesota. Chairman, Minnesota College Republicans. “We have a chapter in almost every campus in the state. We face a lot of struggles with campus administrations and student opinion on campus. Once we put out a positive image of what Republicans stand for, we get a lot of support.”

How she became a delegate: I ran for alternate. I knew that especially this election year, it’s important for youth to be represented as part of this campaign. i wanted to make sure students had a voice. I ran for an at-large alternate position. Sen. Obama hadn’t been announced as a presumptive nominee but it was close, so I knew how important students were going to be in this election.

Political roots: Has always been interested in politics. “I got started in a YMCA program called Youth in Government. It models state government. We had a chance to sit in the halls of the state Capitol and talk about issues students are passionate about.”

“A lot of my values stem from how I raised by my parents but not something that was enforced by them by any means; the values they instilled in me — personal responsibility, fiscal conservatism, taking care of one another — has led me to the Republican Party.”

What she’s most looking forward to at the RNC: I’ve been following the preparations since St. Paul was named the host city. I’m excited to have the party rally here. I’m proud to be able to host the leaders of the party. All the different things going on are exciting to see take shape.”

Favorite book: To Kill a Mockingbird

Favorite movie: An American in Paris.

Favorite music: County. “I like a band called Little Big Town.”

Most influential person. “My mom. She’s an incredibly hard worker and I’ve tried to model my life similar to how she lives her life.”

Bucket list: I want to travel the world. I think Americans don’t value how lucky we are to live in America and the freedoms we’re able to enjoy.”

  • Judy Felts

    I am very proud of this young lady and her accomplishments. She is an excellent example of our youth of today. They are very involved in the world around them and want to make sure that they have their say in how we live and are governed. I know her eyes will be opened to how a convention works and will enjoy seeing what it takes to elect a presidential candidate. I have a special pride in this young lady because she is my niece. We can’t wait to hear all about the convention from her first hand. Congratulations on being elected an alternate delegate!!