CEO of Bachman’s stabbed to death in China

All it took for the billions of dollars and millons of hours soaked into the Olymnpic games by China to be made irrelevant was one knife-wielding Chinese man, who stabbed to death the CEO of Bachman’s. Todd Bachman, the father of former Olympian Elisabeth Bachman and CEO of Bachman Floral in Minneapolis, and his wife, Barbara, were visiting a tourist spot about 5 miles from the Olympic games.

Says the Associated Press:

The official Xinhua News Agency identified the attacker as Tang Yongming, 47, from the eastern city of Hangzhou. It said Tang attacked the two Americans and their Chinese tour guide, who was also injured, at 12:20 p.m. on the second level of the ancient tower, then leapt to his death immediately afterward. The second level of the tower is about 130 feet high.

“They were not wearing apparel or anything that would have specifically identified them as being members of our delegation” a U.S. Olympics team spokesman said.

One commenter on the KARE 11 Web site offered this testimonial to Mr. Bachman.

Of all the millions of people in Beijing right now, I am in utter disbelief that TODD BACHMAN, one of the most pleasant people I’ve ever met, was singled out and murdered. He and his entire family are walking examples of “Minnesota Nice.” As an old famiy friend, I send my deepest condoloences to the surviving Bachman girls, and all of the family and friends who had the honor of knowing this gentleman, Mr. Todd Bachman.

… and another…

My mom was a manager at Bachman’s for many years. Todd Bachman and the Bachman family were so good to my sister and I when my mom died. Todd searched the country for monarch butterflies to release at her funeral. I remember him being a very nice man and my heart goes out to his family in this terrible time.

  • Nate

    Todd Bachman was indeed such a nice man. My condolences go out to the Bachman family and I wish a speedy recovery to Barbara.

  • Minn Whaler

    Blessings and sympathy to the Bachman family, friends, employees and others touched by this tragic event. Minnesota has lost someone who appears to have been the epitome of what “Minnesota Nice” should mean.


    For generations, the Bachman family has so generously shared its treasure trove of gardening art — and spiritual healing — with those of us in joy, those of us in pain. We too grieve Todd’s tragic death, as we keep thoughts of Barbara’s recovery in our prayers and morning meditations. Times like these, we but “see as through a glass darkly.”

    Let us do all we can, fellow Olympians, to remember both those gone, as well as those still living. May seeming injustice compel us to nourish and water the seeds of compassion — may it blossom in us all. As Nelson Mandela taught us — lest we not forget, we must first forgive. Alas, such is the human condition!

    Peace to Family and Friends Worldwide,

    Judith Monson

    Molly Blossom Sunshine

    Dalai Lama’s Babe

    (“Tibetans on Nebraska”)

  • Andy Wicks

    You would be hard pressed to find a nicer family than the Bachmans. Elizabeth (Wiz) was a high school classmate of mine and one of the sweetest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Our prayers are with Wiz and her family in this terrible time.

  • Jane Walling

    Even though I do not know the Bachman family, my thoughts and prayers are with them. What a terrible tragedy and loss. After reading about the family, I know that their love will sustain them and help them through this very sorrowful time. Bless you all. Jane Walling Denver CO

  • Annie Potter

    Our heart goes out to you and regret this totally

    uncalled-for act against your family. You will

    be in our prayers.

    Annie & Bill Potter

    Lugoff SC

  • The Catopodis Family

    Our thoughts and prayers are with the Bachmans family, who has done nothing but bring us, Minnesotans, the most pure form of beauty: flowers. May Mr. Bachman find peace on his path to the eternal garden.

  • Carol Farnham

    Please accept my deepest sympathy in the loss of Todd Bachman. My prayers are with the Bachman family as you struggle to get through this sad time. Just know that there are many who are keeping you in their thoughts and prayers . Prayers go out to Barbara for a speedy recovery!

  • Janice Lee

    My deepest sympathy for your loss. Hope for a quick recovery. May family be close during this tough time.