Airline performance

What are your chances of being on an airline flight that’s late? About 30%, the government reported today.

June’s performance numbers were better this year than last year, but only slightly.

Weather is the most common reason for delays. In June, 47.21 percent of late flights were delayed by weather, up 5 percent from June 2007.

Here are some Northwest Airlines’ and Minneapolis-St. Paul performance tidbits from the report.

  • Northwest was on time 67.4 percent of the time. Delta was on time 72.6 percent of the time. In May, Northwest was on time 78.9 percent of the time.
  • Northwest’s flights to Newark Airport in metro New York arrived on time only 38 percent of the time. Newark was the worst airport for Northwest. LaGuardia was the worst airport overall for all airlines.
  • Flights into Minneapolis St. Paul arrived 72.7 percent of the time. USAirways has the best on-time performance into MSP. Flights left MSP on time 76.2 percent of the time.
  • The worst time to fly into MSP: 10-11 p.m.
  • The best time to fly into MSP: 6-7 a.m.
  • Worst time to leave MSP: 4-5 p.m.
  • Best time to leave MSP: After 11 p.m.
  • The Northwest Airlines flight arriving late the most often: Flight 331 from Detroit to Los Angeles. It arrived late 90 percent of the time, averaging an hour late.
  • The most-often-late flight in the country: American Airlines Flight 1639 from JFK Airport to San Juan arrived late 100% of the time, averaging more than two hours late.
  • Airline with the most flights arriving late 70% of the time: American (12.8%). Northwest ranked 9th at 4.1 percent.
  • 1.3 percent of Northwest’s flights were canceled. (11th). The airline tied with Delta.
  • Northwest ranking for best baggage handling in June: 4th (1st among major airlines)
  • Consumer complaint ranking (fewest): Southwest Airlines. Northwest was 9th; Delta was 17th.
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